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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization and development of search-engine friendly website

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Guarantee for every keyword chosen!

We undertake keyword guarantee for every keyword chosen hence you pay only for the work performed.


Fixed monthly fee without hidden costs!

We charge a previously agreed fixed monthly fee and we do not look for excuses to change the price and there are no hidden costs.


We perform the work within the shortest possible period of time, by deadline.

ATime is money both for you and for us. We provide the best possible result within the shortest possible time.


With the highest level of expertise for the best quality!

We aim at the best quality at the highest level with 7 years of experience!

Clean SEO, without tricks!

What do you get if you order the service? How can your company be successful?

The first step is to prepare an analysis.It is important to be aware of the actual market possibilities, the intensity of competition and the most profitable keywords before ordering the service. We make this analysis free of charge for every interested party. Once the analysis is ready, we make suggestion for the keywords to be optimized as well as for the duration of optimization process and the entailed costs. In one word: we determine the three key issues: what – by when – for how much.

The second step is the conclusion of the contract.If the offer is acceptable for both parties, the data and options specified in the offer are incorporated into a general contract. It should be noted that search engine optimization is a service with a monthly charged fee: the service is provided for a definite or undetermined period of time in consideration for the agreed monthly fee, without hidden costs and with guarantee.

The third step is to start optimization.The following general settings are made within the frames of the SEO optimization service:

  • Optimazation of meta and title tags, analysis of headers on each sub-site.
  • Proposal for correcting the landing page of html errors.
  • Proposal for modifying the entire content, optimization of keyword density.
  • Optimization of Google Webmastertools, domain setting, optimization of target area.
  • Creating the sitemap, setting the default values for crawlers.
  • Setting the default values for Google indexing.
  • Optimization of inbound and outbound links.
  • Initiating display network registrations, relevance analysis.
  • Integration of tracking codes into the source code in order to track the analyses.
  • Setting, testing and monitoring of Google robots.
  • Continuous content monitoring and content update.
  • Google Business registration and set up or proposal made for it.

Reporting the results:You will receive a monthly report about the effectiveness of the SEO optimization as well as about the actual positions and you will be provided up-to-date access to the website statistics by which the work performed can be monitored and controlled. If you conclude a fixed-term contract we will also prepare a summary and a new analysis together with the last report informing you about the new possibilities that might be worth to utilize. 8 of 10 fixed-term clients conclude a new contract and owing to the mutual trust they change to contract for indefinite duration – and to annual or semi-annual payment in case of foreign clients.

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Is it really important who ranks first on the Google hit list?

THE MOST IMPORTANT! Google is the biggest search engine of the world. Most of the people ( 95% of them on the average, retroactively during the last 10 years) use – directly or indirectly - the search engine of Google. AYou get 10 results by page for the keyword given. Most people do not continue the search after this because they either find the information they are looking for or start a new search. If your services or products are not on the first page then you are invisible and the visitors, buyers or future customers land on the website of your competition. If your website does not rank on the first page of results then you are practically inexistent.

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Search Engine Optimization
What does it mean? Why is it important?
What should you know about it?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

If website then Search Engine Optimization – nowadays the two often go together and the one does not exist without the other if you want to be successful or to make profit. But what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? There is no clear and exact definition, but - to put it briefly - every activity performed in order to ensure that the website (hence you and your activity) ranks on the first hit page of the search engine (among the first results if possible) is search engine optimization.

In case of a general search you enter the keyword or term for which you expect results or solution in the search interface. Accordingly, the primary task is to find the keywords which best describe your activity. In order to make SEO even more efficient, the domain name should contain the strongest, most important keyword. If you already have a website with a good domain name and you have already identified the most important keywords then the only thing missing is that your website should rank on the first page if a search with the chosen keywords is made. We offer you our help in achieving this with up-to date knowledge, expertise for unique SEO charges with keyword guarantee!

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

When answering this question it is worth examining what a website is, why it is created, what your intention is with it and what you expect from it. The answer is simple though it varies by website types: you want many persons to visit your website, to utilize your services or you wish to sell lots of products through it. We are usually contacted by private persons and companies who share a common goal: TO MAKE PROFIT. This is totally understandable as SEO is an investment and a good one!

Just think about it: the almost only way a non-optimized page can get visitors – and make profit - is to publish paid advertisements. As the name suggests, such ads are not free and are published as long as you pay for them.

More than 97% of the people use – directly or indirectly - the Google search interface, hence advertisements should be published here or on the Display network. Search Engine Optimization however is something completely different: the coveted position is not obtained right away but at the end of the optimization process the position attained - unlike ads – remains. That is why SEO is a good investment because instead of spending money on ads on a monthly basis – which you have to continue until the end of times if you want to make profit – you pay the monthly fee of optimization but there is a huge difference: the website retains or even improves its position in the Google results pages after optimization and ranks on the first page of Google for even more keywords.

Why is Search Engine Optimization more efficient if the website is also created by us?

A well-built website with standard encoding is the indispensable precondition of successful SEO. Website creation and building has its own rules the non –observance of which results in the occurrence of visible and non-visible errors Google likes flawless, transparent and well-segmented websites – such websites are indexed and ranked sooner. It is true that most browsers are able to overcome such defects and the website may seem to be good, however the source of the website – which the Googlebots analyse – remains defective. You can check at this link whether the website complies with the standards: W3C Markup Validation Service.

Keeping pace with technical development is a basic requirement for us both in terms of website development and Search Engine Optimization. We aim at clear coding, user-friendly looks and structure due to which the websites designed and optimized by us reach the desired effect even more quickly and more efficiently.

Test the looks and speed of your website with the free Google product of PageSpeed Insightson every device.

What is worth knowing about keyword density?

Setting the optimal keyword density is an important part of the SEO process. Pages with low keyword density reach the desired position very slowly or do not reach it at all. High keyword density can also be harmful. Google penalizes the sites with too many keywords or even deletes the page from the data base hence the website does not even appear on the organic hit list of Google.

To set the appropriate keyword density is the task of an expert who also pays attention to the readability, “digestibility” of the content of the page and edits the content in an optimal way also from the aspect of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization with guarantee
Why is it important?

Search Engine Optimization has many pitfalls and in lack of sufficient experience or circumspection you can do more harm than good to your website. The success of SEO depends on a number of things: the selected keyword, the domain name, keyword density, links pointing to the website, etc. and not knowing how to use them may have a catastrophic result. Several pages offering Search Engine Optimization advertise that they can reach fantastic attendance and ranking results within 1-2 weeks - and it works as long as they receive their fee. Such service providers typically use methods and tools penalized by the search engines. In severe cases websites the ranking of which is forced to be higher using such tools are deleted from the data base of search engines. These unethical methods which are not permitted by search engines are called Black-Hat SEO.

For us Search Engine Optimization with guarantee means that optimization is done on the basis of jointly made decisions in the most professional way possible and we undertake guarantee for the chosen keywords: if none of the keywords gets a priority ranking on the first page of Google results, then we continue to optimize the keywords free of charge until one of them gets on the first page of the Google’s organic search results.

Unlike other websites offering similar services, we really deal with Search Engine Optimization and promise only attainable and actual results, proudly undertaking guarantee for the work we perform.. If the buyers or clients do not find the website of one of our clients, then he cannot sell his products or services hence he will make no profit and will not be able to pay for our services.

Our objective is to have successful and satisfied clients who know that their investment will return.

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By deadline - with keyword guarantee - at the best prices

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SEO is an investment and not a cost - provided that you engage us! We work by short deadline, with keyword guaranteeand at favourable prices!

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Optimization is even more efficient if we can also create your website. We build unique, clear and sophisticated websites!

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We undertake to prepare and operate Google Adwords campaigns even abroad!

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Domain reservation, storage and VPS server rental for those who want to have everything in the same hand.

Why is high quality important?

Cheap and quick SEO and the drawbacks there of have already been mentioned. High quality SEO is a time and labour intensive process which requires daily attention and care. It is not enough to focus on keywords and website, but the improvement and strategies of competitors’ websites shall also be paid attention to as you have to be better than they are, the content of your website has to be more interesting and more relevant than the content of those pages in order to ensure that the visitors are more satisfied when visiting your website than when visiting similar websites.

The invested work, time and money will pay off on the long term hence do not think of SEO as a cost rather than as a long term profitable investment. A website filled with valuable content which - during several months - has been optimized to rank on the first page of hits preserves its position for long and can get priority ranking also for other keywords due to the increasing number of visitors and various searches.

Expertise and years of experience

One has to keep pace with the continuous development of information technology because nobody would buy obsolete technology. We put great emphasis on learning the new trends and standards, we aim at up-to-date and fresh knowledge which we can use during search engine optimization. Nowadays the use of mobile devices has gained importance hence it is worth putting special emphasis on them. The importance of optimization for mobile devices shall not be considered negligible as it is important on what device an ad is viewed and how quickly the searched information is found on such devices.

We have already optimized several webpages which is not only reference but involves the chance of improvement. Every SEO task is unique, all of them were a challenge and we are happy to see the satisfaction of our clients. We have been in contact with our clients for several years and provide continuous assistance to them.

SEO methods

Black-Hat SEO means those SEO methods which are banned from the search engines due to unethical techniques. Black-Hat SEO methods are penalized and websites applying black-hat methods are usually banned or moved backwards on the hit list, consequently the number of visitors arriving to the website through the search engines is practically zero.

In colour theory, grey is an intermediate colour between black and white. Accordingly, grey hat SEO technique means that practically the guidelines of the given search engine are observed but the SEO rules are construed flexibly. This is sort of a compromise in SEO which can bring success more quickly and also the risk of penalty can be reduced to the minimum.

It means total adherence to the guidelines stipulated by the given search engine. If the rules are observed then the various algorithm updates will affect the position of the website to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, impatience in respect of SEO, tight budget and the non-understanding of factors important toSearch Engine Optimization slead many companies to apply grey hat plans.

Search Engine Optimization prices...
What to pay attention to?

Both short deadline and low price raise concern at the SEO market. Single fee SEO which is often too cheap, usually includes only the initial process and we see many websites which ranked on the first page of Google not so long ago and one month later they could not be found on the first 30 result pages as they were penalized because of the application of the already mentioned Black Hat SEO technique! Overpriced SEO does not necessarily mean higher efficiency than more reasonably priced SEO, the service provider often expects only quick income from the client or asks a higher price claiming that more keywords need to be managed.

Be wary of service providers who ask a small price at the beginning then - contrary to the contractual provisions - demands more and more money in each month. Ideally, the entity engaged for SEO should charge the same amount during the mutually agreed period in exchange for which he provides tailor–made optimization, keeps visitor statistics and sends regular information about the results achieved.

It also happens that service providers boast of SEO references where the number of hits hardly reaches 1 or 2 hundreds of thousands or even a couple of thousands. Make sure and always check the keywords displayed at the references, the number of the belonging hits and the reached position!

Search Engine Optimization and website development

Without aiming at completeness...

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Search Engine Optimization


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Search Engine Optimization prices
Facts without hidden costs!

What? By when? For how much?

Search Engine Optimization is performed in the most professional way ever and we undertake guarantee for the keywords chosen. This means that if none of the keywords ranks on a priority place, on the first page of results then we continue to optimize the keywords until one of them ranks on the first page of results. 10 of 10 websites we optimized ranked on the first page already in the 4th month with one of the keywords.

The time requirement of Search Engine Optimization depends on several factors, like the website to be optimized or the strength of the keyword. We usually undertake to get 3 – 4 keywords ranked on the first page of Google within 6-12 months. To calculate the exact price we need to know the actual keywords and the website to be optimized. Please always request a customized quotation!

The price of Search Engine Optimization depends on a several factors like the age of the website to be optimized or the competition concerning the chosen keywords. A thorough study is made before determining the price in the frame of which the website to be optimized, the activity and the keywords you chose are examined. Unlike others, we do not ask you to pay in advance, the agreed amount will not be increased and there are no hidden costs. This is advantageous for the clients because they do not have to make a large one-time payment and they can calculate the costs months in advance because we do not change the agreed monthly fee. Based on our experience, the monthly average price of Search Engine Optimization is between 150€ and 300€ but the final price can be calculated only after we have made a detailed analysis of the client’s website because the strength of rivals as well as the competition concerning the keywords are important factors.

To calculate the exact price we need to know the actual keywords and the website to be optimized. Please always request a customized quotation!

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Website development prices
Clear design, premium quality!

Websites are developed with individual design – using only HTML5 & CSS3 responsive design sinceS 2014!


449 / g r o s s

  • Static, responsive website
  • Use of HTML5 and of CSS3
  • Individual web design
  • Daily backup
  • 50 Mb storage capacity
  • 4 e-mail aliases


899 / g r o s s

  • Dynamic, responsive website or webshop
  • Use of HTML5 and of CSS3
  • Individual web design
  • Hourly backup
  • 1000 Mb storage capacity
  • 4 e-mail aliases


639 / g r o s s

  • Dynamic, responsive website
  • Use of HTML5 and of CSS3
  • Individual web design
  • Hourly backup
  • 100 Mb storage capacity
  • 4 e-mail aliases

The prices listed are only guideline prices, please always ask for a customized offer. Please send me a quotation

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